Lindsay challenges each project to expose its true functional potential while materializing the essence of the client, occupants and environment. Working throughout the Western United States, Lindsay has developed a style of architecture that has gained appreciation for its sensitive use of form, material, technology, light, space, and landscape.

The result of his design process ensures that clients, stakeholders and approval agencies have carefully considered design solutions articulated in the industries most advanced digital modeling software. His strength in high-end custom residential project types provides a unique creativity during the design phases and a relentless dedication during construction as the Clients Representative.

Lindsay received his Bachelors of Architecture degree from the University of Oklahoma. Post degree, he began teaching for University of California San Diego Extension courses focused in 3D design technology. Lindsay also worked full time as a Senior Designer / Project Manager along side the highly regarded residential architectural designer, Wallace E. Cunningham.

Since 2007, Lindsay has been the Principal and Owner of The Brown Studio, Inc., a Design + Build firm focusing on hand crafted custom architectural projects.


Rory graduated with an Environmental Study’s degree from UC Santa Cruz and has focused her passion for space planning and interior design as the studio’s leading force behind defining an appropriate modern interior environment for each project. Rory’s aesthetic appreciation was inherited from her family history in the highly textural and dramatically expressive nature of the Hollywood theater and film industry.

Rory Brown runs the Interior Design half of The Brown Studio. Her team devotes their time to researching innovative yet deeply classic finishes, creating an overall spatial narrative designing timeless spaces and details. Rory’s sharp focus to the human scale, highly detailed elements of each space, can be felt. Often working, and iterating through designs until they are “just right,” Rory dedicates herself wholeheartedly to the art of design. Her creations marry and converse seamlessly to the larger scale architectural volumes they sit within.



Growing up in Philadelphia- The City of Brotherly Love- Karen developed a strong work ethic with a ‘get the job done’ attitude. Karen attended Penn State University. 

Karen left Philadelphia in 2000 to move to San Diego to follow the warm weather. She brings over a decade of experience in accounting and management. When not calculating numbers and checking budgets, Karen unwinds by going camping and fishing by a stream.



Ivan is a 2nd generation architect and a holds a Bachelors degree in Architecture (2008). He is also an accredited LEED Green Associate by the GBCI (2012). As a very design and detail oriented person, Ivan finds joy in finding new ways to communicate a projects intent.

Ivan is The Brown Studio’s design machine. If it’s broke Ivan can fix it. If it’s not broke Ivan can still fix it.

In his spare time, you can find Ivan jamming out on his electric guitar or spending quality time with his family. ⠀



A San Diego native, Lina knew from a young age that she wanted to be an architect. Though inspired by the arts, she began her career studying Business Administration and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. Following graduation, Lina joined the team at Google as a YouTube Product Specialist and later as Manager of all North America and Latin America Brand Operations. At Google, she received the prestigious OC Award for her accomplishments monetizing and operationalizing the YouTube platform across North and Latin America.

After 6 years in the field, Lina went on to receive her Masters in Architecture from New York City's Parsons School of Design. Following a short stint in footwear design, Lina joined the Brown Studio as a designer and Senior Project Manager.

At the studio, Lina brings her unique POV and business operations skillset to every project she manages. When she's not working, you can find her running down the 101, striking a yoga pose, or somewhere outside, swimming, backpacking, camping or hiking.


As a studio lead, Shawn manages team meetings and all things construction. Shawn received a Masters in Architecture from New School and a Masters in Real Estate Development from Woodbury University. With Shawn’s background in design, he is able to bring the ‘design eye’ to the construction side of The Brown Studio. He’s a peacemaker at heart and keeps the office in good spirits and good standing.

Shawn has gained notable recognition for his work in and around the San Diego area. He received the coveted Orchid Award for Interior Design 2013 for his work on on the Coffee & Tea Collective. Prior to joining The Brown Studio, Shawn completed a modular develop/deign/build project steps from the sand in Ocean Beach. The project was dubbed “the new standard in Modern Beach bungalows”. Shawn also received the ARE Design Award Winner Sustainability for his work on the PUMA outlet with Colkitt & Co.

When not at The Brown Studio, Shawn likes to surf, bike, and hang out with his family. Shawn’s motto is “Less is Moral…Mostly!”


Meet Loryn Cook, our newest designer or as we like to call her, "The Emerging Talent.” Loryn was born with a love for all things design. At an early age she developed a passion for drawing, which later expanded to greater areas of creative design. Loryn worked as a freelance creative director during her time at the University of California, Berkeley. She received a certificate in Design Innovation while also earning a Bachelors Degree in Architecture.  Loryn participated in multiple creative projects during and after her time there, positions which included Set Design Director for Cal's Fashion club- FAST,  Co-Creative Director for a model exhibit at Goodnight Resilience- a large bay-area event, and Music and Art Director for the California Alumni Association's Lair of the Bear. 

Loryn joined The Brown Studio team as an intern in 2018. She now works as Interior Project Manager/Designer. You may see her driving back and forth from the office to job sites, but you can still catch her doodling at lunch! 



Heather is our bi coastal designer, hoppin' JFK --> SAN, and riding "the 5" to our studio in a New York minute. Heather is a lifetime veteran of The Brown Studio, focusing her efforts on curating epic lookbooks and sourcing beautiful materials for our interior spaces. We're trying unsuccessfully to change her last name to "Brown"...until then, we'll stick to calling her, "Heather's Here!"⠀



Growing up in Minnesota created a strong work ethic in Logan. Being the oldest of four children fostered a desire to develop leadership roles which he characterizes to this day. He has served as President of the North San Diego County (Palomar) Chapter of the American Institute of Architects from January 2017 through December 2018. He has been a board member, in some capacity, since the Chapter's inception.
Logan left Minnesota in 1996 to attend Kansas State University. His experiences at K-State included: collegiate golf, as a walk on; employment as a cook at a local restaurant; two victories over Nebraska; and 6 months exploring Europe while attending Czech Technical University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the College of Architecture, Planning and Design. Upon graduating, his adventurous spirit led him to San Diego where he has lived and worked since 2001. When not sitting in front of his computer, Logan still enjoys playing the game of golf, experimenting in the kitchen, graphic design, and proudly passing on his sense of humor legacy to his son and daughter.